Rob Green: 


In 78, he was somehow born with a tiny little 3 piece suit, and a pair drum sticks in his hands!  Hailing all the way from Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada;  Green has been beating his drums up real hard since he got his first kit at age 11.  Before long he figured out the hard rockin -16th note beat to Motley Crue's "Wildside".  From that moment on he knew that rocking was his business, and business could be good!

While playing in his high school jazz band, Green won numerous awards and scholarships and continued to love pounding the old skins.!  After high school he began a long club tour across Canada with his friends in a cover band called "ZERO" who shared his obsessive addiction to “The Doors” and “AC/DC.”  Soon after, Green recorded original tracks for "Eva Gold" a stellar original band that was held in high esteem in Western Canada, featuring Regina's soulful singing icon 'Casey Stone.'  He continued to play and record in a variety of original and cover bands in Regina while attending the University of Regina.  In 2002 he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Film and Video, and soon enough shooting videos and editing TV shows started to conflict with his increasingly busy gigging schedule. 

Before long he decided that music and drumming consistently made his life more awesome, and for the past 15 years he has made music his his main source of income.  Green played with numerous cover bands that proved to be very successful: "Wonderland" the one hit wonder tribute band, and also Regina's well known 70’s classic rock tribute band "Men Without Shame."

Along with the other guys from “Men Without Shame” Green played with Canada's Grammy award winning trio "The Wilkinsons" in 2004... Eventually Green felt he needed to escape the prairie winters so he and a few of his pals threw on  some water wings and hopped on a cruise ship. "it was awesome to constantly be in transit, it was strange and fun being a real life pirate."   So consequently, Green developed a huge love for non-stop travel.  Green and his "Sea Monkeys" circumnavigated Australia, peaked into New Zealand, made their way back and forth from San Diego to Mexico repetitively, they surveyed many South Pacific Islands.! !.    Green mastered his infectious grooves by insisting that the Captain sail through the roughest seas of the world, Green somehow kept the music slow and steady despite sailing through a few of the worst tasmanian sea storms on record.....all while balancing a bottle of tequila on his head.!

Eventually Green tor off his pirate clothes and found his way into a band that performed in the world's finest 5 star hotels in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, he made his way to chill with his new friends in Oman, Dubai and recently Shenzhen, Chengdu, and Beijing in China. . He is grateful for his full time traveling musical experience, for the mind expanding look at culture from afar, and for the free time it afforded him to develop his production and songwriting skills.  Currently, Green is back home in Regina 'Friggin" Saskatchewan, he is teaching at his very own "High Impact Drum Lessons" among other creative endeavors ..stay tuned...:)

As Old Joe Wilson once said “Pudding tastes better with a plastic spoon, and bands sound better with Rob Green.” Somethings never change Joe?